FANG (Fighting Against Natural Gas)

$2,500 to support community organizing towards the cancellation of a proposed fracked-gas power plant in Burrillville, RI, and to build a stronger local and regional movement against the fracked-gas industry and major pipeline expansion plans in the Northeast.

Youth for Environment & Sustainable Development

$350 to support travel to two key areas in Malawi to meet with communities and document local resistance to a major coal mine and pending oil drilling near Lake Malawi that would threaten tourism, fisheries and clean water for people in three countries.

Indigenous People’s Power Project (IP3)

$2,500 to support IP3’s Training for Indigenous Trainers bringing together Indigenous activists and organizers from the frontlines of challenging fossil fuel extraction and combating the climate crisis to support and build their capacity to carry out self‐determined acts of resistance for their lands and communities.

Fundacion Red Colombiana

$1,500 to support efforts to strengthen and grow a community network on coal and climate in Magdalena department, Colombia with the capacity to mobilize against coal operations and to create a plan of action for containment of transportation and a goal of temporarily suspending operations of the country’s largest export terminal to review environmental and social impacts.

Mountain Justice

$1,000 grant to support Mountain Justice Spring Break, which will bring together residents of frontline extraction communities, college students, environmentalists and concerned citizens to learn about mountaintop removal coal mining, fracking, and other forms of extreme energy extraction with a focus on cultivating the skills and vision needed to build a sustainable energy future in Appalachia.

Coal River Mountain Watch

$2,000 to support purchasing office space to be dedicated as the Judy Bonds Center, a permanent home for Coal River Mountain Watch to continue its work fighting mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining and its devastating impacts on Appalachian forests, water, wildlife and human health. CRMW’s Judy Bonds, who won the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2003 and died of MTR-related cancer in 2011, was a charismatic and tireless leader in the fight against MTR and is remembered and honored as one of the most important grassroots leaders speaking out against destructive mining practices.

Extreme Energy Extraction Coalition (E3C)

$2,000 to support the 4th Extreme Energy Extraction Summit in Biloxi, MS, bringing together a wide variety of leaders representing groups across the country who are resisting all forms of energy extraction, with a particular focus on strengthening regional organizing in the Gulf South.

Marea Creciente México (Rising Tide Mexico)

$2,000 to support the Climate Caravan team organizing climate dialogues, public events and workshops, and supporting direct actions coordinated by frontline communities and grassroots organizations that are fighting for climate justice as they travel through Mexico, Central and South America, with a final destination of the COP20 UN climate summit in Lima, Peru.