How are the bronze, silver and gold contribution levels established?

RAN began the Climate Action Fund to take a fundamentally different approach to the flawed carbon offsets model. Starting with our own organization, we calculate the annual carbon emissions associated with our operations, including travel. We then apply an internal price – effectively a fee – on our carbon footprint based on the following predetermined levels: Bronze is equivalent to the price set by low-end carbon offset schemes, $5 per ton of CO2; Silver is equivalent to the price set by mid-level carbon offset schemes, $25 per ton; Gold is based on the determination by former World Bank Chief Economist, Sir Nicholas Stern, that each ton of CO2 we emit causes $85 in social and environmental damages. After years of careful tracking, RAN estimated that each of our staff members is responsible for an average of 5 tons of CO2 per year for their work-related activities, which has been established as RAN’s baseline emissions. You can support CAF using the RAN baseline or the mileage calculator for travel located on our donation page, and then selecting your contribution level at Bronze, Silver or Gold. Organizations can also contribute to CAF using the 5 tons of CO2 per year baseline for each individual or by plugging in cumulative miles using our calculator.