In 2022, Rainforest Action Network and the global forest protection movement lost one of our most impactful and admired champions. Lafcadio Cortesi was a brilliant and effective campaigner, cut from an old school cloth where earnestness and face-to-face relationships built the trust that was the pathway to changing hearts and minds.

In memory of Lafcadio and his incredible contributions to forests around the globe, RAN is launching The Lafcadio Fund. On June 22, in conjunction with World Rainforest Day, RAN announced The Lafcadio Fund as a new giving option through our Community Action Grants Program.

All funds raised through The Lafcadio Fund will go to support activists working on Rainforest Protection in Indonesia through The Samdhana Institute, which he co founded in 2003 to help invigorate a ‘cultural revival’ of activists and artists dedicated to preserving the richness of the natural, cultural, and spiritual diversity of Indonesia.

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