Fundo Socioambiental CASA

$100,000 to provide long-term support to Indigenous Peoples mobilizing to save their territories, including in response multiple ongoing threats, including Covid-19, increased fires and, in Brazil, the ongoing threat tied to Brazil’s Bolsonaro government slashing environmental protections, human rights standards, and the rule of law to benefit the very actors destroying the rainforest. CASA provided 69 grants at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to Indigenous and forest communities mobilizing to share information and prevent the spread of Covid-19 on their territories, as well as for food, medicine and other basic needs. Funds also supported the Munduruku Campaign to fight the spread of Covid-19 impacting Munduruku in the Tapajos Basin. RAN has worked with CASA to help distribute funds raised during the 2019 Amazon fires – CASA has an existing and robust network of local advisors across different parts of the Amazon and are able to get funds to Indigenous communities that are underfunded, as well as provide rapid response support to address threats to Indigenous leaders.