Giniw Collective

$7,500 to support a grassroots, frontlines effort led by Indigenous women to protect Native territory from the destruction and extraction associated with Calgary-based energy giant Enbridge’s 1,000-mile Line 3 tar sands pipeline project through trainings, community outreach and education, mobilizations and relationship building within the broader movement.

Power Shift Network

$2,500 to support work with Indigenous, frontline and youth partners that are leading the work to stop the Line 3 pipeline, which if completed would commit our economy to years of future dependence on fossil fuels. Included in this project is production of a short video and other content about the Youth Climate Intervenors, a group of young people all under the age of 25, that made history when they intervened in an obscure legal process at the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission in order to represent the interests of their generation in the legal case around the Line 3 pipeline.