Fundación Alianza Ceibo

$15,000 to support an Indigenous-led Women’s Leadership School that is promoting a new model for economic, environmental, and cultural resilience led by women in some of the Indigenous societies hit hardest by oil extraction, mining, and agriculture in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The school is designed to bring women together to foster empowerment and livelihood opportunities while bolstering economic resilience, food sovereignty and traditional healing systems through a collaborative design process with Kofán, Siona, Secoya and Waorani stakeholder communities, as well as providing accompaniment for 5 community-based women’s associations.

Organización Waorani de Pastaza (OWAP) and Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador (CONAIE)

$5,000 to support two inspiring Indigenous leaders from Ecuador, Nemonte Nenquimo, the co-founder of the Indigenous organization Ceibo Alliance and the first woman leader of the Waorani people, and Leonidas Iza Salazar, who was elected last June as the new president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), towards the transportation, accommodation, and day-to-day expenses of bringing them from the Amazon rainforest to participate in panels, workshops, keynote speaking events, and climate marches during Climate Week NYC.

Yayasan PUSAKA

$5,000 to support Papua-based organizations planning and hosting side events for the Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) Congress, which happens every 5 years and was held in 2022 in Papua, Indonesia. Activities included a workshop for the broader AMAN network focusing on the particular circumstances the Indigenous land rights movement is facing in Papua, and a series of additional panels, workshops, and events throughout the week held in a special exhibition space organized by the Papuan partners to highlight specific land rights struggles, storytelling and documentary initiatives, successful campaign strategies and sustainable alternative economic models, and Indigenous women’s leadership, among many other topics.

Lembaga Pemberdayaan Ekonomi dan Sosial Masyarakat Riau (LPESM Riau)

$10,000 to support a weeklong delegation of Indigenous and traditional community representatives from Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Papua, Indonesia, along with NGO partners supporting their land rights cases, to participate and intervene in the Forest Stewardship Council General Assembly regarding the FSC certification system’s current impact on communities in Indonesia. Through participation in the 10-person delegation, community representatives have an opportunity to directly communicate with the FSC Board regarding updates to their land rights cases and to request responses on the status of their complaints and pressure for expedited resolution processes.

Rumoh Transparansi

$5,000 to support submitting results from a participatory mapping process for Bunin Village to keep protected from a palm oil plantation nearly 7,000 acres of community-held lands and lowland rainforest in an area known as an important habitat for critically endangered Sumatran elephants in the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Repórter Brasil

$10,000 to support a multimedia investigation to tell the story of what happened to Brazilian Indigenous rights advocate Bruno Pereira and British journalist Dom Phillips who were brutally murdered in June 2022, as well as highlight the stories of the Indigenous communities within the Javari Valley that are fighting for their way of life and protection of their lands in the face of increasing violence and illicit activities impacting them.

Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia Daerah Jambi (WALHI Jambi)

$7,000 to support the ongoing conflict resolution process for Lubuk Mandarsah Village, located in Jambi province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, which has lost 3,700 acres of previously community-managed lands to an Asia Pulp & Paper owned plantation that has also cleared natural forest and peatlands. WALHI Jambi and partner organizations are working to directly pressure APP and parent company Sinar Mas Group regarding strengthening protocols related to Free, Prior and Informed Consent and the High Carbon Stock Approach’s Social Requirements.

Pueblo Originario Kichwa de Sarayaku

$10,000 to support Pueblo Originario Kichwa de Sarayaku’s governing body and plan, including monitoring ongoing compliance of legal victories and holding several planning assemblies on their territory in the Ecuadorian Amazon. A key gathering that this grant contributed towards is the First Summit of Knowledge of the Indigenous Peoples (Kawsari I) held on Sarayaku territory as a space for Indigenous peoples to discuss and highlight their proposed solutions addressing the deforestation and climate emergencies through rights-based approaches.

Students for a Free Tibet

$7,500 to support the Tibet Climate Crisis campaign, including a conference and week-long direct action camp in India, as well as SFT bringing a delegation of Tibetan youth to the COP27 climate negotiations in Egypt. These activities are preparing young people to take action, offering training for trainer tracks for Tibetan youth to become direct action trainers themselves, creating healing spaces, and building community with organizers from other social justice movements and Indigenous water protectors from around the world.