Fuerza Ambiental

$5,000 to support the efforts of Fuerza Ambiental and the Sierra Madre Alliance to mount a legal defense and public campaign to free local Tarahumara activist Isidro Baldenegro Lopez (who later received the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize) and to resolve the land fraud that has granted control of his community’s forests to drug cartels.

Pico Bonito National Park Foundation (FUPNAPIB)

$5,000 with which FUPNAPIB aims to complete the demarcation of a protected area in Honduras and to identify where the highest biodiversity and greatest threats are in order to obtain funding to increase the existing number of park guards to carry out monitoring activities.

Sierra Madre Alliance

$5,000 to legally restore land rights to local communities, begin planning of locally controlled forest reserves and alternatives to logging, and to create a cultural interchange and permaculture training in order to create reserves and alternatives for the communities’ economies.

Luna Media

$10,000 of general support to Luna Media in their work with North Coast Earth First! to continue and increase media outreach as actions continue around Headwaters ancient redwood forests.

Eyak Preservation Council

$5,000 to support a grassroots advocacy campaign directed towards building support for a comprehensive conservation easement alternative to the Bering River extraction project proposed by the Chugach Alaska Corporation.