Aukiñ Wallmapu Ngulam

$1,920 to support an Alternative Assembly of Indigenous Peoples from Latin America to participate in the 1998 Summit of the Americas in Chile in order to voice their concerns about how Indigenous peoples‰ŰŞ rights and livelihoods are affected by the processes of economic integration in Latin America.


$600 in support for Joaquim Yawanawa of the Yawanawa of Brazil during his two month internship in the Bay Area to receive training in alternative media and policy development to assist his efforts in focusing international attention on human rights as they apply to Indigenous peoples.

Rescate del Bosque Tropical (Rainforest Rescue)

$4,000 to support a reforestation project in the subtropical humid region of Pinchincha, Ecuador aiming to restore 25 acres of forest to its natural state, with the involvement of local families who will also reforest an acre each of their own land, replanting it with native species, including non-timber forest products which may be sold to replace income that would have been generated by the sale of wood and agricultural products.