Citizens for Environmental Safety

$1,583 to help local communities of the Cross River State with education and resource management training to help address the problem of deforestation, including establishing 30 Community Development Volunteers from 10 different communities.

Acción Ecológica

$5,000 to help defend Yasuni National Park and the Cuyabeno Reserve from the proposed ITT oil project through non-violent direct actions, letter writing campaigns, political pressure, media work, and national and international pressure on oil companies.

Sierra Madre Alliance

$5,000 to legally restore land rights to local communities, begin planning of locally controlled forest reserves and alternatives to logging, and to create a cultural interchange and permaculture training in order to create reserves and alternatives for the communities’ economies.

CED Cameroon

$5,169 towards efforts to protect 2,500 hectares of the last remaining forests in central Cameroon, the protection of the only river providing water to Bougnougoulouk and neighboring villages, the protection of wildlife of the Bougnougoulouk forest from poachers, and the halt of the desertification process of Central Cameroon.

National Council of Rubber Tappers

$5,008 in general support for Chico Mendes’ Sustainable Rainforest Campaign and its effort to create and gain legal recognition for a 1.7 million-acre reserve on the Tapajos River in the state of Para.

Amazon Defense Front

$4,500 to fund workshops, coordinated by Shuar and Achuar communities, aimed at strengthening the communities’ capacity to respond effectively to impending oil threats to their territories in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Amazon Defense Front

$3,300 to strengthen a campaign against Texaco, including supporting grassroots organizing around a groundbreaking lawsuit against the company and monitoring and enforcing its commitments to clean-up the hundreds of open toxic waste pits and polluted rivers caused by its operations in the Ecuadorian Amazon.


$6,500 to support efforts to challenge ARCO’s planned oil exploration on Quichua territory in Pastaza in the Ecuadorian Amazon through community organizing, workshops and non-violent direct actions.