Organización Waorani de Pastaza (OWAP)

$25,000 to support strengthening core organizational capacity of Organización Waorani de Pastaza as well as using the Waorani’s legal precedent against the Ecuadorian government’s proposed auction of their ancestral territory to the international oil industry to defend 7 million additional acres of rainforest threatened by oil auction. The project is supporting efforts to: strengthen leadership capacity through training and hands on project management; expand relationships with stakeholder communities through planning and visioning assemblies; strengthen Indigenous rights to FPIC by securing a ruling on their case before Ecuador’s Constitutional Court; support Waorani women-led food sovereignty initiatives in 10 communities; implement the second year of intercultural education projects across 12 Waorani communities; and to finalize territorial demarcation efforts and scaling land patrolling to prevent an uptick in illegal logging and mining.