Youth for Environment & Sustainable Development

$350 to support travel to two key areas in Malawi to meet with communities and document local resistance to a major coal mine and pending oil drilling near Lake Malawi that would threaten tourism, fisheries and clean water for people in three countries.

Women Movement for Sustainable Development – Liberia (WOMSUD)

$1,500 to support mobilization efforts together with newly formed women-led community based organizations in Grand Cape Mount and Bomi Counties in northwestern Liberia to limit the expansion of palm oil plantations onto community land and forest areas associated with a 750,000 acre concession granted to Malaysia company Sime Darby and to document livelihood activities that women are engaged in within their communities as part of a conflict resolution process.

Foundation for Uganda Women Development

$1,500 to support expanding an existing successful agroforestry and tree planting project in Uganda through establishing two additional tree nurseries supported by rainwater harvesting tanks, which will seed one additional model farm where methods such as alley cropping, live fencing, woodlots and beekeeping will be demonstrated for, and maintained by, project participants.

Rural Women Development Association

$1,000 to help this women-led organization that has been achieving impressive results on a shoestring budget drastically enhance its capacity and efficiency through the purchase of a laptop and printer to be used to support its community training and capacity building efforts to promote tree planting and rainforest protection in rural Uganda.

The Tanzania Forest Conservation Group

$1,960 to support the Amani Butterfly Project, which will help ensure the preservation of the Eastern Arc Mountains, a forest region that is one of the most biologically diverse terrestrial habitats in the world, through the creation of a butterfly-farming group among forest-adjacent agricultural communities.

The Nigerian NGO Coalition for the Environment (NGOCE)

$5,001 to support NGOCE’s campaign to protect the Cross River rainforest, the 2nd largest intact forest in Africa and a critical hotspot of biodiversity, through community organizing and the implementation of economic alternatives to logging and bush meat hunting, such as grasscutter, mushroom and snail farms, honey cultivation and the development of soaps and detergents from oils found in forest trees.

Citizens for Environmental Safety

$5,000 to support an effort to create an alternative source of income through the cultivation of rubber trees and the sustainable management of the 247 hectare NDE community forest, which would help provide protection from illegal timber dealers.


$5,017 to support ABGREMO’s campaign to protect mangroves in Cross River State, Nigeria by educating and working with local communities about the important of mangroves to the local economy and through the formation of Community Mangrove Forest Management Committees (CMMC) in pilot communities.

Citizens for Environmental Safety

$1,583 to help local communities of the Cross River State with education and resource management training to help address the problem of deforestation, including establishing 30 Community Development Volunteers from 10 different communities.

Friends of the Nation

$6,000 to help stop logging in the sacred Sekyere Hemang Grove in Ghana and to repair local deforested areas through an agroforestry project.