Radical Action for Mountain People’s Survival (RAMPS)

$2,150 to support trainings to prepare community members and activists in Appalachia for a mass nonviolent direct action that temporarily shut down the largest mountaintop removal site in the United States in order to increase political pressure and help build and embolden grassroots efforts to ban all forms of strip mining in West Virginia.

Maya Leaders Alliance

$2,500 to support Maya Leaders Alliance, an organization that has helped secure major land rights victories in recent years and is now defending that progress and challenging a potential oil drilling project through a major 2 month grassroots mobilization incorporating 38 Maya communities consisting 21,000 people living within a region covering 500,000 acres of forested frontier in southern Belize. MLA is informing communities about plans for oil drilling and gathering leaders to re-articulate a collective position in favor of safeguarding land rights and the environment.

Conservacion, Naturaleza y Vida

$2,500 to ĺĘsupport mapping and physical demarcation of boundaries for Majé Cordillera in Panama to obtain collective land title recognition of 20,000 acres of rainforest territory for an Embera community to help protect rainforests from loggers that have been extracting cocobolo trees for export to high-paying markets in Asia.

Indigenous Environmental Network

$2,000 to support an action camp hosted by the ‘Unist’ot’en (People of the Headwaters) of the Wet’suwet’en Nation, with Indigenous participants from energy corridor proposed communities in British Columbia, tar sands extraction-impacted communities from Alberta and pipeline-impacted communities from Minnesota and North Dakota.

The Ruckus Society

$2000 to support participation of individuals from Indigenous communities impacted by tar sands development in the Advanced Action Boot Camp for Eco-Justice, a 7-day intensive advanced skills and strategy training.

Defenders of the Land

$2,000 to support community organizing and direct actions to protest the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline led by youth from Carrier Sekani Tribal Council Nations in western Canada whose territory would be impacted by the proposed pipeline route.

Keepers of the Athabasca

$4,000 to support the 2011 Tar Sands Healing Walk, attended by several hundred people from tar sands impacted communities, hosted in Fort McMurray where major tar sands expansion is causing irreversible damage to both the environment and human health.

Ya’axché Conservation Trust

$1,000 to support an advocacy campaign to secure the Government of Belize’s commitment to protected area legislation, specifically focusing on the most recent illegal, environmentally and socially detrimental activity, a proposed hydroelectric facility within the most restricted and perhaps most pristine protected area in the country, Bladen Nature Reserve.

Black Mesa Indigenous Support (BMIS)

$2,150 to support the Indigenous peoples of Black Mesa who are resisting unjust large-scale coal mining operations and forced relocation policies on Dine’ and Hopi traditional homelands in the Black Mesa region of Northeastern Arizona.

Climate Ground Zero

$2,000 to host trainings to help prepare activists to engage in non-violent direct action to address climate change, including supporting efforts to stop mountaintop removal coal mining in Coal River Valley in southern West Virginia.